December 19, 2019

“Big Easy” Nate Lofton & Brent Baldwin: Harlem Globetrotters

Harlem Globetrotter showman (and 3x Amazing Race participant) ‘Big Easy’ Nate Lofton and Global Director, Brand Marketing Brent Baldwin join me this week. I spoke with both separately yet it’s amazing how similar their tone is around the passion of the Globetrotters. Big Easy summarizes it best when he says – not everyone loves basketball, but everyone wants a smile on their face. He has already been to 90 countries on Tour including many U.S. Military stops and performing in front of the Pope. The Globetrotters are really one of the few places that is full family entertainment – where a toddler and grandparent, and all in between, can be equally amused and happy. Brent sets the stage about the 94 year history and brand strength of the Globetrotters and the Big Easy brings it home with truly great storytelling including a challenging childhood and how being forced to Houston because of Katrina set the stage for his 15-year career with the Globetrotters.

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