March 5, 2020

Chad Millman: Chief Content Officer, The Action Network

Chad Millman is the Chief Content Officer for The Action Network, a media company providing premium analysis as well as real-time betting data. Chad and I have known each other for nearly 20 years dating back to me pitching Chad on writing Mike Vick stories during his rookie season. We have a great discussion on The Bond about what sports will surprise you in their audience interest and betting handle, Chad’s inspirations and role models in content, how to turn users into subscribers, what hasn’t worked at The Action Network and his three unexpected sports he expects to gain in betting popularity shortly. The space is still in its infancy with only eleven states having legalized sports betting (and only four allowing mobile capability). I simply love that he has a placeholder on his weekly calendar titled: “NJ Betting Field Trip”, and he gets to call that work!

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